Marketing & Podcasting 101

Marketing & Podcasting 101

From Traditional to Modern – Create the Best Marketing Strategy with Podcasting! By Alicia A. Elatassi and Arlo Camaldana

From radio to podcasts, our audio media has substantially changed in the past twenty years. The radio, which was once heard at some point in the day, and had to be caught live without a chance for replay, is now antiquated. The podcast, in comparison, can be heard at any point during daytime or nighttime, plus, it can be replayed to the audience’s delight! Needless to point out the differences in broadcasting devices: traditional radio or car stereos receive radio waves and broadcast the audio versus the versatility of a mobile, smart device that can access any streaming app, such as Spotify and Apple Podcasts, amongst many others. However, the one thing that both the radio and the podcast seem to maintain in common is, perhaps, that which has nothing to do with modernity, and everything to do with attitude and passion for the field of communications – energy and personality at the microphone. Perhaps, this is what makes or breaks the popularity of both live radio and podcasts; maintaining a tone and a certain level of energy, which can be recorded and edited in a podcast, but in radio, this must be maintained for the duration of the show while live. Now that we have established what makes podcasting so popular, let’s talk about its use as it relates to marketing and advertising!

As Business Owners – Engage in B2C Marketing Strategies

From Featured Guest to Streaming Ads

To begin using podcasts as a feasible marketing method, you need to become a fan. Yes, a FAN of the podcasts you would like to petition for sponsorship. This is how the cycle works – you support the podcast, and they support you. 


1. Establish Your Taste in Podcast

Listen to that podcast! Take notes, look up the hosts, build up the hype around it. When you truly like and believe in the podcast that is advertising your product you make a better connection between your hosts and the audience. Imagine for a moment you want me to advertise your product – you truly believe in empowering women from all walks of life, you listen to my podcast, you fall in love with my content, and now, you would like me to advertise your vintage boutique with a focus on styling the #queenboss? You got it! It is not 100% necessary for the product and the podcast to be within the subject matter, however, it definitely helps to boost your product!

2. Decide on Common Subject Matter and Chemistry with Hosts

Imagine that both your product and the podcast seem to have very little in common; additionally, imagine that the host and you cannot get the basic chemistry down on a first sitting as a guest. That would not be a sensible approach to the task, now, would it? So, evaluate your chemistry with the hosts with a simple conversation about the service you are trying to offer. Is the service related to the podcast itself? What connections can you establish?

3. Define Target Audience and How They Relate to the Podcast

Using the same example as above, imagine who would benefit from your product. Ask yourself: What can I offer the audience? How do they relate to my service or product? How do they relate to your podcast of choice? Is it a direct or indirect connection? If it is indirect, how can it benefit you and your podcast host? 

4. Define Your Marketing Budget

Once you have the idea for the product and the kind of advertising you would like to use, think about how much you are planning to invest and also define what you want your ROI to be. If you are budgeting $100 to start off, but your projected gain is $two-hundred fifty, think about how you would like to further invest this amount – will you increase the advertising/sponsorship amount for the podcast host? Negotiate this subject and the mutual benefits. How do we both benefit? Also consider, what will make the podcast self-sustainable and naturally promote business? Keep in mind shareability and bite sizes of the podcast affect the mileage of the ads, so plan wisely!

5. Schedule Meeting with Your Chosen Podcast 

Finally, once you have all of the above well planned, reach out! Believe us when we say that if you are a fan, you have a plan, and a proper win-win offer, we will not hesitate in advertising your product! Choose a proper medium, prepare your presentation, and appeal to the host with your chemistry and ideas that bring value to their audience!