Your authority FOR getting what you want out of life.


Your authority FOR getting what you want out of life.

Hey now, welcome to my world!

If you’ve ever gone to my website or my Instagram you’ll notice something that everyone mentions…I’m always doing something. 

I’m restless and absolutely love doing a lot of things that I love, seriously… all at the same time. But… as you’ll get to know me I do them all with gusto and very well. I don’t do basic shit and always give more than one-hundred twenty%. That's just me. I was raised by Mexican immigrant parents where their sacrifices mean I give my all. No apologies.

My values of integrity, grit, and connection are at the heart of everything I do.  I believe that you can do it all, pursue your passions, side hustles, and dreams without sacrificing your sanity. I don’t agree that you should just be still and satisfied.
So I invite you to buckle up and take a ride together. Let's show the world that life after 40 is just the beginning! 

Cheers to being the B.O.T.A. ---THE BADDEST OF THEM ALL!

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Rusk and I love encouraging our kids to be free-thinkers and curious. Our oldest Alex is a prolific videographer, he creates fast moving videos for musicians and artists. Alex is very creative and hyper-sensitive. My little one Max is a sophomore at Westside High School. Max is a cool cat, and hella witty. He's his older brother's biggest fan! 

Rusk and I met in 1998 at the University of St.  Thomas.  I was a graduate Education student and he was an undergrad in Business. We met when a mutual friend invited us to a boxing match party in her home. Rusk opened the door for me and it was instant sparks, we had a meeting of the minds that evening and we never stopped talking. We married on a beautiful  rainy day in November 2000. Now happily married 23 years, we’re best friends and love traveling the world together 💛 


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I’m inspired by the places I visit and see. There is something so special about walking off a plane and feeling a new sense of adventure. Wondering what awaits me at the first walk down the street, the sounds, the smell, and the people I meet along the way inspire me to be more aware of my surroundings and appreciate my planet Earth so much more.



Books were my respite and refuge from the sad surrounding of my poor neighborhood. My most prized possession as a young girl was my Carnegie Branch library card. I lived in the library searching for the right book to activate my imagination. I realized later that books helped me develop my vocabulary and higher-order thinking. They inspired me to think bigger!



Art and fashion go hand in hand for me and both inspire me similarly. It’s the colors, the textures, and the wearing of a unique piece that enlightens my mood. The hunt for that particular vintage piece is exhilarating, fashion speaks to all people all over the world. 




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