Empowering Women 40+: 8 Steps to Build a Support Network

For women 40+ seeking empowerment, building a support network is essential. Having a dependable network of individuals to offer advice, resources, and emotional support can boost one’s self-confidence and sense of worthiness.

In this blog, I’ll outline how Staci LaToison was able to build a support network for her empowerment and how you can too!

A support network provides a safe space for women to express their feelings, discuss their goals, and share their successes. This is particularly important for women 40+, as age can sometimes bring feelings of invisibility, isolation, and insecurity. Having a strong and reliable support network can counter these feelings, providing a sense of belonging and an outlet for growth. In addition to providing emotional support, a support network of individuals can also provide practical resources and help to women 40+ looking to build their confidence and take control of their lives. Through the network, women can share ideas, find mentors, and access professional services to help them. This is especially vital for those women who may not have the resources to gain access to these services on their own. By having a network of people who are invested in their growth and success, women can feel better equipped to take on the challenges they face and create the life of their dreams.

Here are the steps you need to follow:

  1. Acknowledge and recognize the disproportionate number of minorities that are not able to secure funding for their startups.
  2. Create opportunities for these underrepresented groups.
  3. Provide access to resources and mentorship by engaging with the community and attending events.
  4. Foster a growth mindset and spread awareness of the need for equity, inclusion, and empowerment.
  5. Encourage self-motivation and perseverance by providing support and guidance.
  6. Invest in yourself, attend conferences and workshops, and seek out mentors.
  7. Take action and become a leader in the community by investing in minority-led businesses and startups.
  8. Celebrate successes and share